Jun 09

Risks of Attempting Weight Loss Due to Adderall

People often want to find a quick fix solution to their problems rather than doing it the safe, healthy and yes, slower way. This is especially true when it comes to weight loss. It isn’t easy to lose weight and requires a lot of extra exercise and cutting of calories. Some doctors and patients have noticed that people tend to experience weight loss due to Adderall. This has led to its off-label use as a weight-loss medication. However, there are serious risks involved with using Adderall in this manner.


Adderall is made up of a combination of stimulants that includes amphetamines, which have a high potential for addiction. There is a serious risk that people taking Adderall for any use may become addicted to it. It isn’t good for your health to trade being overweight for being addicted to a drug. Drug addiction is very serious and has a lot of major consequences. Even when it’s no longer needed, people may want to continue taking it because of the feelings of confidence and pleasure that it tends to provide. If you try to stop taking the drug, you are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms and may experience a rebound effect once you go off it that could include gaining back any weight lost.

Heart Problems

Another major problem that keeps many people from being able to use this medication even for its intended uses is that it can lead to an increased heart rate, high blood pressure or other heart problems. Having a heart condition or being at risk for heart problems is a strong contraindication for Adderall use, so doctors will find a different medication for people with heart issues.

Other Potential Side Effects

These aren’t the only side effects noted by people who use Adderall. They may also have problems with headaches or mood swings or have difficulty sleeping. Other issues sometimes experienced include vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Eventually, a tolerance may result, which means that to get the same effects from the drug, higher doses will be necessary, so even if Adderall does cause weight loss in the short-term, over time these effects will be diminished and a person may even gain back some of the lost weight.

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